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Scale your applications.
Manage your releases.
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A container-based application management platform

Aytra takes the guesswork out of running applications in production. Get started quickly with one-click application blueprints, ensure your applications are always running at peak performance, and roll out new releases without breaking a sweat.

Always up

Make sure your services are always running at peak performance.

  • Intelligent auto-scaling that scales within one cloud or across many
  • Integrated monitoring metrics and events engine to alert and trigger events based on your application's requirements
  • Know if your application health is degraded with active health checks

Manage your releases

Easily manage new releases for your application.

  • Stagger the deployment of your update
  • Confirm it works as expected
  • Complete the release or rollback with one click


We've automated the boring stuff so that you can focus on what matters.

  • Easily get started with one-click application blueprint deployments or use your own custom docker compose file
  • Select auto-scale policies that come pre-configured with common defaults or configure your own
  • Focus on your application and let us handle the infrastructure


Aytra is suited for everyone from individuals to enterprises.

  • Multi-tenancy - Invite users to access the environments relevant to their needs
  • Role based access control - Users can only see and do what they need to
  • Audit trails - Review historical event logs indefinitely
  • REST API - Easily integrate your apps directly with Aytra

We're just getting started

We're always working on new and exciting ways to streamline running applications in production.

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